Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday Top Seven

For this weeks (belated) Tuesday Top Seven, I have chosen a short, sweet and opinionated list:

My Top Seven Translations of the Holy Scriptures

1. New World Translation - literal, precise, translators had great knowledge of original languages

2. New American Bible - very literal, but try and get the 2nd version that gets rid of most of the "inclusive" language used in the 1st, 3rd & 4th versions

3. Jerusalem Bible - a poetic, "dynamic equivalence" translation, features God's name in the Hebrew Scriptures.

4. New Jerusalem Bible - update of the Jerusalem Bible, uses some "gender inclusive" language

5. American Standard Version - based on the King James Version, but updates the speech and common errors, very accurate for its time, and one of the most literal Bibles of all time.

6. New English Bible - relatively free translation with some interesting renderings

7. The Bible in Living English - The eccentric Byington's own translation, features the divine name, modern language, and faithful renderings.


Gareth said...

May I humbly recommend the Rotherham Emphasised Bible for inclusion in your top 10?

A largely literal translation based on Westcott-Hort Greek. Language is slightly old-fashioned.

Expositor said...

Ah, I agree, it is a great version. It would have been number eight if the "Top Seven" was extended :)