Thursday, April 12, 2007

I stumbled across a survery located at that is looking to get an idea from "self-professed Christians" on their views of various trinity related thought.

After I took the survey, I was directed to the results page, which was very interesting. There is over fifty questions, so here are the highlights. First of all, the questions that had most agreement or consensus. There was two questions that were 100% disagreed on by all respondants so far, and that was:

13. Jesus is God incarnate, which means that he is not a human being, although he appears to be human.

26. Jesus was a truly righteous man, and was sent by God, but was not the unique Son of God. God has equally well used a number of other great religious leaders.

So it shows the respondants believe Jesus was actually a human being in the flesh (at some point) and was the unique Son of God.

There was no questions universally agreed upon, but one question came close with over 90% of responses agreeing on:

50. The Father of Jesus and the God of Moses are one and the same, namely, the one true God.

Also very interesting!

The creator of this survey has a blog at which also seems to be a decent read for any interested in that type of thing.

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