Monday, June 25, 2007

Behe's new book

Just an announcement to let everyone know that Michael Behe, famed author of "Darwin's Black Box" has recently released his new book "The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism". In this book he attempts to "define what evolution is capable of doing and what is beyond its scope." Basically his answer is that common descent and natural selection are well-supported possibilities, but random mutation is not very probable.

The link above to the Amazon website is an interesting read for both reader's reviews and Michael Behe's signigicant postings.

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tom sheepandgoats said...

People like Behe have my utmost respect. They "take on" the prevailing wisdom, and thus make themselves certain targets of professional ridicule. But their books are persuasive, as any reader can attest.

I've been reading a similar offering: "Darwin's God," by Cornelius Hunter, which examines the metaphysical underpinnings of evolution. i.e. that it is practically a religion in itself.

Max Planke (the physicist) has a quotation I absolutely love. It is applicable to so many notions in science:

people think new truths are accepted when the proponents are able to convince the opponents. Instead, the opponents of the truth gradually die, and a new generation comes along who is familiar with the idea.