Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Isaac Newton

Although this is old news for some, CNN has an article on Isaac Newton and his religious views, including his estimate for the date of the end of the world (2060 CE).

It does not however talk about his unitarianism, mortalism, and other views that are remarkably close to modern days Jehovah's Witnesses. He even believed that the true church was going to be re-established not in his day, but at a later date.

For more information on Isaac Newton check out http://www.newtonproject.sussex.ac.uk/prism.php?id=1

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tom sheepandgoats said...

2060! So that's the date! Alas, if true, I'll miss the fireworks, most likely.

As time permits, assuming someone doesn't beat me to it, I want to follow his reasoning. Not so as to mark my calendar, mind you, but just to see where he is coming from.

He also thougt the "trinity" doctrine was unscriptural. But he had to be very discreet in his comments. An open challenge would have ruined his career and perhaps even given him jail time.