Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baptists yearn for church discipline

One of the things that Jehovah's Witnesses face much criticism over is their practice of "disfellowshipping". Much of the criticism comes from born-again and evangelical "Christians". Yet there is a movement arising in the Southern Baptist Convention that is seeking to re-claim the practice of church discipline that was historically a prominent part of the Baptist movement.

The Baptist Press reports:

"Prior to the last century, Baptists "practiced church discipline on a large scale" and regarded the practice as a normal part of church life, according to church history professor Greg Wills."
and also this:

"The return to church disciple has been gaining momentum for several years."The decline of church discipline is perhaps the most visible failure of the contemporary church," R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., wrote..."
Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses have been vindicated once again for using only God's word for direction, and following its scriptural advice on discipline, rather than the theologies of men. I wonder what the next thing Baptists will realise they have abandoned that their Anabaptist forefathers promoted - unitarianism, mortalism? I doubt it.

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