Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Babylon Blog Watch

Thusday Babylon Blog Watch is a weekly wrap-up of blog posts from various segments of Babylon the Great. This week we are having a "versus" theme, which highlights some of the fighting going on between various denominations.

Mormon vs Evangelical
Over at Mormon & Evangelical Conversations, an "ecumenical" blog reconcilling Mormons and Evangelicals, they discuss a DVD that an evangelical mission will aggressively distribute to Mormon homes in an attempt to persuade them that the Evangelical faith is closer to the truth than their own beliefs.

Zionist Evangelicals vs Non-Zionist Evangelicals
Spiritual Pathways Ministries crticises John Hagee (a strong pro-Zionist) for his Christian Zionist, "dual covenant" beliefs which state that natural Jews are saved without professing faith in Jesus.

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